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Reiki Massage

Relaxing, Healing, Balance

What Is Reiki Massage?

Reiki Massage is a gentle relaxing therapy intended to relieve stress and discomfort in the body. It is incorporated into a massage rather than performed as a specific treatment. The word “Reiki” literally means “universal life force energy,”. This energy instinctively knows where the body needs it the most.  Some clients feel the energy flowing through their body to the spots where injuries, soreness, pain or imbalances exist.

Reiki Massage Pleasanton, CA - Narayan Wellness
Reiki Pleasanton, CA - Narayan Wellness

Reiki Massage Techniques

It is important to note that Reiki Massage is not a “cure” for any disease or illness.  The flow of Reiki energy helps to stimulate and boost the body’s own powerful healing abilities.  In some instances, a Reiki session can have dramatic effects, while in others it may appear on the surface that you are simply more relaxed.  Energy is flowing within the body either way and healing is taking place.  If you are resistant, the energy flow may be blocked, so it is important to relax and be open to the flow of the energy. Your Reiki Massage Therapist may use a variety of techniques including gently laying hands on the body and incorporating Reiki energy through various massage techniques and talk you through breath-work and meditation.  To learn more about Reiki, visit www.reiki.org.

Choose The Perfect Reiki Massage

Our results-focused Massage Therapist is state licensed and well-versed in all types of massage therapy. With over 25 years of experience, we specialize in providing the best massage services in Pleasanton, CA!

Reiki Massage

$ 75

Reiki Massage

$ 140

Reiki Massage

$ 200

All Massage Therapy sessions include 10 minutes for consultation, dressing, and therapeutic education.

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