Sports Massage

Performance, Recovery, Enhancing

What Is Sports Massage?

Athletes of all kinds, from Olympic gold-medal winners to weekend warriors, use Sports Massage before, during and after athletic performance. Your Licensed Massage Therapist will keep the body at peak flexibility and strength, while preventing and soothing injuries.  Areas of an athlete’s body get overused and stressed due to repetitive and sometimes aggressive movements. We focus on these areas to reduce stiffness and soreness due to physical exertion in addition to helping ward off anxiety before competition.


Sports Massage Is A Must In Any Balanced Training Regimen

The body can be enhanced prior to and during and event while reducing recovery time after an event. Many athletes have discovered that professional sports massage promotes improved speed, strength, flexibility, endurance and helps prevent injuries. and prepares their body and mind for optimal performance. Anyone participating in a sport or regular physical activity can benefit from regular Sports massage therapy. Be sure to add it to your normal fitness regimen every week or two. Speak with your professional massage therapist to find a schedule that works for you based on your personal level of activity.

Learn More About Our Massage Specialties

Our expert massage therapist is proud to offer customized massage therapy services utilizing techniques from massage specialties below.  Learn more about the other types of massage at our disposal to provide you the best results possible and how we can help alleviate your stress, discomfort and pain. Whether you just need to relax or have a specific issue or pain, we are here to help.


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