Full Body Stretch Therapy

Flexibility, Relaxing, Releasing

What Is Full Body Stretch Therapy?

Our exclusive Full Body Stretch Therapy was developed from more than 20 years of Massage Therapy, Fitness Training and Therapeutic Practice. Your therapist’s expertise along with the latest research on stretching techniques will guide your body through assisted head to toe stretches to re-balance the body. improve flexibility and regain range of motion.

Full Body Stretch Therapy Techniques

While taking your specific needs in mind, your therapist will position your body and gently stretch each muscle group, one-by-one. Your therapist will guide you through a total body stretch, so all you need to do is relax, breathe and allow your body to ease. 

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Our expert massage therapist is proud to offer customized massage therapy services utilizing techniques from massage specialties below.  Learn more about the other types of massage at our disposal to provide you the best results possible and how we can help alleviate your stress, discomfort and pain. Whether you just need to relax or have a specific issue or pain, we are here to help.


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