Cupping Therapy

Relax, Release, Balance

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy utilizes negative pressure, rather than compression. It is a great way to release the muscle and fascia layers similar to Deep Tissue Massage. Cupping therapy relaxes soft tissue, loosens and lifts connective structures, breaks up and drains stagnation and toxins, and is also good for weight loss and reducing cellulite. Cupping is very good for anyone with very tight muscles, injuries, athletes, office workers, and if you would like to jump start your weight loss.

Cupping Therapy Techniques

Your therapist will use cups that gently pull on your soft tissues providing a very strong, vigorous but relaxing massage. Cups are placed to restore balance, increase circulation and release tight tissues. Your Massage Therapist will customize your session by blending cupping with focused Massage Therapy. 

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Our expert massage therapist is proud to offer customized massage therapy services utilizing techniques from massage specialties below.  Learn more about the other types of massage at our disposal to provide you the best results possible and how we can help alleviate your stress, discomfort and pain. Whether you just need to relax or have a specific issue or pain, we are here to help.


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