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Swedish Massage

Light, Relaxing, Flowing

What Is Swedish Massage?

Swedish Massage Therapy is the most commonly known style of massage and tends to be the foundation of western styles. Your Therapist’s primary goal is to relax the entire body through light and gliding strokes toward the heart. Above all, this massage can increase circulation and oxygen in the blood while flushing toxins, lactic acid and metabolic wastes. In addition, this style of Massage can increase flexibility and gently relax muscles while easing tension and stress.

Swedish Massage Pleasanton, CA - Narayan Wellness

Swedish Massage Techniques

Swedish Massage involves broad strokes and circular pressure applied by your massage therapist’s hands and palms. Similarly, gentle kneading, percussion-like tapping and passive stretching are used. Certainly, be sure to communicate with your professional massage therapist before and during your session. As a result, your Therapist can customize your massage to your specific needs.

Choose The Perfect
Swedish Massage

Our results-focused Massage Therapist is state licensed and well-versed in all types of massage therapy. With over 25 years of experience, we specialize in providing the best massage services in Pleasanton, CA!

Swedish Massage

$ 75

Swedish Massage

$ 140

Swedish Massage

$ 200

All Massage Therapy sessions include 10 minutes for consultation, dressing, and therapeutic education.

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