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5 Best Walking Apps To Earn Rewards in Cash, Discounts, and Bitcoin

What's better than walking? Getting paid for it!

We all walk every day but rarely even think about it. In fact, the average American walks about 1.5 to 2 miles a day. But, did you know that you can use walking apps to turn those steps into money in your pocket?

Whether you’re already active, an avid athlete, or planning to start a new walking habit - this post is for you.
Walking Apps | Turn Your Steps Into Cash | Narayan Wellness Pleasanton, CA | Massage, Fitness, Nutrition

Getting Paid For Walking: How It Works!

If you’re looking to increase your activity level, utilizing the following apps for your smartphone can keep you motivated and pay you for the steps you take. 



It truly is as simple as – download the apps, walk more, and earn money.



By downloading these 5 apps you’ll be earning money for an activity you’re already doing. It will, most likely, even encourage you to increase your daily steps – seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? 



Since these apps run in the background, it makes sense to install all five to compound your earnings.


With the Lympo app, you’ll be challenged to be more active through daily challenges like going for a morning walk, lunchtime run, or building healthy habits. Through your activity, you’ll earn their LYM cryptocurrency as you do. You’ll be able to exchange LYM coins for gift cards, sports merchandise, and more. 


Lympo is simple, easy-to-use, and as you walk you can track your route and get details such as your speed, distance, and time. Whats even better is you can sync it to Apple Health and use your daily steps toward completing challenges. 


Paidtogo is a powerful fitness tracker that pays you in cash, Bitcoin, and random monthly cash drawings. You can earn up to 5 cents for every mile you walk, run, or bike. With over 50% of the app’s revenue going directly back to its users – this is definitely an app you need to start using. You’ll earn 2 points for every mile, 1 point for simply logging in each day, and you can earn 5 points for sharing to social media. Then, transfer your Bitcoin to your Coinbase account.


The team behind the Sweatcoin app believes in a healthier you on a healthier planet and they are working to achieve this by converting your steps into a currency to spend on cool products and services.


Walking and running with Sweatcoin pays you cryptocurrency rewards that you can use towards a variety of rewards, to trade, or to make charitable donations. Featured rewards include gift cards, Paypal cash, Goods, services and experiences ranging from high-tech shoes to iPhones, from anti-gravity yoga classes to Apple Watches. 


Lifecoin lets you earn rewards by walking, running, or hiking outdoors. It automatically converts your outdoor steps into LifeCoins, and allows you to redeem them for gift cards, gadgets, and even more. 


It’s as simple as downloading the visually appealing LifeCoin app, start walking, and earn rewards. You can even connect the Apple Health App to ensure your steps are counted.


Coinpify makes your everyday steps valuable by converting them into point called CPoints. You can then use your CPoints to redeem rewards or convert them to other Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin by transferring them to you Coinbase account. Just walk 100 steps everyday. 

Coinpify integrates with Apple Health app to make sure your steps are counted and you earn for each and every step.

Next Step: You'll Need A Place To Trade Your Cryptocurrency And Keep Earning!

What’s great about the apps we’ve listed here is that you don’t have to change much about your lifestyle to start earning extra money. Plus, you could use all five and get paid even more — but for the same amount of effort!



Get started today!



If you’re looking to earn even more, get started with a Narayan Wellness fitness program and use these apps during your fitness class or workout.

Walking Apps | Turn Your Steps Into Cash | Narayan Wellness Pleasanton, CA | Massage, Fitness, Nutrition

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